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We all probably heard about spring sale, summer sale and winter sale. These are all refers to seasons and there are the seasons where most of the store make most of their sales. In business world, this is called seasonality. According to the website tutor2u, seasonality, refers to fluctuations in output and sales related to the seasonal of the year. For many (or even most products) there will be seasonal peaks and troughs in production and/or sales. There are many seasonality variances in business, as a dance fitness instructor I will look into dance studio seasonality. Dance studios are all over the place these days.

For dance enthusiasts, many different classes and types of dance are being offered. Dance studios has its volatility as well has its peak. Economic situation play the role but also seasonal frequencies such as days of the week, months and weather contribute to dance studio’s seasonality variation. What are the sources of seasonality in dance studio? There are few sources of dance studio seasonal variations, for one, media plays a big role. According to Jesse Ralla, “The peak times when dance studios are packed tends to be when there is some big or high profile event that involves dancing.

For example when ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ is on or when George Sampson won ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ there was a surge in the number of people starting dance classes. The releases of films such as Step Up 2 and Honey have also sparked surges in dance studios inspiring new dancers into the world of dance”. Another factor that affect dance studio’s attendance is its natural seasonal variations. This is very true, as a dance fitness instructor I’ve seen seasonal fluctuations every year.

Teaching at Cheryl Burke Dance, I observed that in summer we have low attendance as to compare to the spring and winter time, especially in January where most people have their New Year’s resolution and getting fit is almost always the top of the list and they’d do more dance fitness exercise like Zumba. Time of the day and days of the week’s attendance varies as well. Some people come on Monday after a weekend of indulgence from food and some prefers later of the week, for example on Wednesdays. After work hours from 6pm is very popular to most students attending classes at the dance studio.

During this peak season, the studio will be needing more people to run the studio successfully. At Cheryl Burke Dance, between 6-8pm is the busiest time. People would come into flock and one person at the front desk is not enough. Hence, the studio hired another front desk person to accommodate the students coming to avoid long lines and inconvenience to them. The studio would need a floor manager and an assistant floor manager to ensure that the studio is running smoothly, for instance, they need to ensure all the sound system in different rooms working properly and not blasting to another dance floor.

The studio also will need a technician on site or at least on call to ensure someone will be there to assist in case there’ll be technical difficulties. Lastly, the studio hires more dance instructors teaching different genre of dance. They are the core of the dance studio. The studio’s success rely on these talented people. The more types of dance the studio could offer, the more chance of retention of participants. Students tend to try different types of dance and if the studio offers these, it’s more likely they’d jump from one type of dance to another.

What comes with high peak season is hiring more people and the increased of expenses. Salaries expense, is one of the main expense. In addition, the studio needs of improvement of the place. For instance, more table or chairs will be needed for the people to use while waiting for their class or hang out for a while before going home. Cheryl Burke Dance has a big lounging area for people to sit down or watch other people dance. Also, the studio invested on a vending machine so the students can get their drinks of choice conveniently.

In order for a business to succeed, it is vital to know the seasonality variations. A dance studio business clearly needs to prepare after the summer break as many people are back from vacations and in winter where people tend to do more indoors activities such as dancing. Bibliography “Seasonality. ” Introduction to Seasonality. Tutor2u. Web. 20 Dec 2012. . Ralla, Jesse. “What are dancing seasons?. ” Ezine Articles. ezine. Web. 20 Dec 2012.

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