using one of the 4 articles listed identify the differentelements of your chosen art 5125440

Using one of the 4 articles listed, identify the differentelements of your chosen article. State why you think the elementsyou have identified are correct. You must include the following elements: Abstract Background Purpose Literature Review Methods Sample Variables/Measurements Data Collection Data Analysis Discussion Implications Articles: Turkel, M. C., Marvelous, J.,Morrison, D., & Singletary, B. (2016). Describing self-reportedassessments of critical thinking among practicing medical-surgicalregistered nurses.
MedSurg Nursing, (4). 244. Votruba, L., Graham, B., Wisinski, J.,Syed, A. (2016). Video monitoring to reduce falls and patientcompanion costs for adult inpatients.
Nursing Economics,(4). 185. McMullen, S. L., Kozick, C. A., Myers,G., Keenan, K., Wheelock, M., & Kalman, M. (2017). Improvingnursing care: examining errors of omission.
MedSurgNursing, (1). 9. Esmaeil, M. & Fatemeh Nemati, D.(2015). Risk factors of needle stick and sharp injuries amonghealth care workers.
Journal of Nursing and MidwiferySciences, 2(1), 34-39. . . .

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