use modular programming principles as discussed insection 3 2 of the prelude to prog 4952121

Use modular programming principles (as discussed insection 3.2 of the Prelude to Programming book) to develop aprogram using pseudo code statements to answer the problem below.Answer each of the following areas:

o Design a hierarchy chart to document the program in a modularfashion.

o Design this program in a modular fashion using pseudo code (e.g.INPUT, SET, WRITE); each module should use as a series of sequencecontrol structures.

Use Microsoft Word to complete this part. Sara wants to buy a car. Help Sara compute the monthlypayment on a loan. You have the following data: 1. You will be given the loan amount, the annualpercentage rate of interest, and number of monthly payments. 2. Your program should allow Sara to input the loanamount, interest rate, and how many payments she wants to make. 3. Your program should then compute and display themonthly payment. 4. You need to make the following variables: Payment,LoanAmt, InterestRate, MonthlyRate, NumberMonths. 5. You will need the following formula: MonthlyRate =InteresteRate/1200 6. When the user enters InterestRate as a percentage,it must be divided by 100 to make it a decimal (i.e., 18% = 18/100= 0.18). 7. The InterestRate offered by car dealers is anannual rate so this must be divided by 12 to get theMonthlyRate. 8. The formula in step 5 combines steps 6 and 7 (i.e.,annual rate of 18% = 18/100 =0.18 and the monthly rate is0.18/12=0.015 or 18/(100*12) = 18/1200.) 9. Payment = LoanAmt * MonthlyRate * (1 +MonthlyRate)^NumberMonths / ((1+MonthlyRate)^NumberMonths – 1) 10. This formula must be entered correctly for it tocalculate the correct answer. Attached

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