use interactive python to 1 calculate the bmi body mass index of a 5 7 3 4 person wh 4946878

Use interactive Python to: 1. Calculate the BMI (Body Mass Index) of a 5’7-3/4″ person whoweighs 153 pounds. Info on BMI calculation is below: To figure your
body mass index, divide yourweight in pounds by your height in inches squared; then multiplythe result by a conversion factor of 703. The
formula is:
BMI = weight inpounds / [height in inches x height in inches] x 703. 2. Set a variable named
num to 25. Then writean expression that outputs the value of
num-cubed(raised to the third power). 3. Set a variable named
myName to your fullname. Then write an expression using
myName thatoutputs a string similar to this one:  
My fullname is George Washington. 4. Set a variable named
word to one of yourfavorite words. Then write an expression using
word that outputs it 13 times, all in oneleft-to-right line. For example, my expression outputs: ‘PenultimatePenultimatePenultimatePenultimatePenultimatePenultimatePenultimatePenultimatePenultimatePenultimatePenultimatePenultimatePenultimate’ 5. Set a variable named
miles to a floatingpoint number. Then write an expression using
milesthat outputs the number of feet in that quantity of miles. To submit your work, simply copy/paste all five chunks of codeinto this assignment. Please put blank lines between each chunk andnumber each chunk. Use a Python comment for this if you like! . . .

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