Unit VII Scholarly Activity



Your facility is going through some upgrades, including the construction of a new office and training center, and Acme General Contractors, Inc. is the general contractor who’s been contracted to perform this work. The local OSHA Area Office visited the construction site and found several violations of which the contractor is responsible. Under the multi-employer policy, your company, as the “controlling”, or “host” company, received an OSHA citation for not

having an emergency action plan (EAP) in place that included contracting firms. You have been hired as the company safety officer to develop and implement the program required by OSHA that includes all contractors on site, and in particular, the new construction project.

The new office/training facility is two (2) stories tall. The ongoing construction activities are concrete masonry units (CMU) block exterior walls and a standing seam metal roof on the exterior, along with underground utility installation requiring excavations. The masons are working from scaffolding, and the roofers are tied off to anchor points. They access the roof area using aerial lifts or the exterior stair tower on the south end. In the interior of the building, framing and drywall is being installed, the electricians are working to install permanent power, OSH 2304, Introduction to Contractor Safety 2 the plumbers and HVAC trades are working from ladders to install their work. Lighting is temporary string lights. The elevator has not been installed yet, however there is an exterior material lift that also carries the workers to their respective floors

where they are working. On the upper floor, the stairs have not been installed yet, and access is gained by using a ladder in a floor opening that will eventually be covered.


Prepare a written EAP containing all the information required by 29 C.F.R. 1926.34 and 1926.35. 1.  Your plan must address how you will specifically address the requirement for medical services and first aid, means of egress and how to notify workers of an emergency and employee training.

2.  Additionally, include a section that addresses how you will reduce the risk of and respond to acts of violence at the worksite.

3.  Your plan must be at least three pages in length, not counting your title page and reference page.

4.  You must use at least two academic resources and use APA Style to create citations and references for this assignment.

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