txvans sells minivans made by toyota and honda and has hired your team to develop a 5189383

TxVans sells minivans made by Toyota and Honda and has hired your team to develop a Java application to manage its inventory. Each manufacturer offers several models of its minivan (e.g., LX, EX-L, SE, Touring). Each model comes with a standard set of equipment (e.g., the Honda Odyssey LX comes with wheels, seats, engine, radio, air conditioning, automatic transmission, airbags, rearview camera, usb audio interface, etc.). Minivans can have a variety of additional equipment or accessories (bluetooth, 3rd-row seat, smart entry, etc.), but not all accessories are available for all minivans (e.g., not all manufacturers offer a driver's side airbag). Some sets of accessories are sold as packages (e.g., the luxury package might include stereo, six speakers, cocktail bar, and twin overhead foxtails).

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