topic is structures and array of structures example struct date int month int day in 5124334

topic is Structures and Array of Structures example struct Date { int month; int day; int year; }; (a), write a C program that has the following functions: a.Write a function called createStudent that takes the studentidentification number, credits completed and GPA, and returns astudent record. b. Assume that a student can graduate if their total credits is100. Write a function called checkGraduation that takes a studentrecord and returns TRUE if the student can graduate and FALSE ifthe student cannot graduate. c. Write a function called fillStudents that takes an array offive students and gets the student details from the user and fillsthat array with the values. d. Write a function called resetCredits that takes a studentrecord and resets his (her) total credits to zero. e. Write a function called avgGPA that takes an array ofstudents, and returns the average GPA for that array ofstudents. f. Write a function called avgGPACredits that takes an array ofstudents, and returns the average GPA and average total credits forthat array of students. . . .

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