this question is similar to question 9 in savitch 39 s solving problems with c textb 3542159

This question is similar to Question 9 in Savitch's Solving Problems with C++ Textbook.

A dynamic array can be used to store large integers one digit at a time. For

example, the integer 1234 could be store in the array a by setting a[0] to 1,

a[1] to 2, a[2] to 3, and a[3] to 4. However, for this project you might nd

it useful to store the digits backward.

You are to write a program that reads in one integer rst indicating the

digits in length the user would like to work with for integers addition, then

reads in two positive integers (of digits at most in length)and then outputs

the sum of the two numbers. Include a loop that allows the user to continue

to do more additions until the user says the program should end.

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