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This problem is designed to using the trigonometry methods in the Math class.  As a rule of thumb, design your program so that each method performs a single function.  If a method is more than 20 lines long, it is probably too long.  If it can no longer be viewed in its entirety in a single text editor window, it is definitely too long! Produce a computer program, written in Java, which determines the distance travelled by a projectile (launched from the ground) given: 1.  The velocity at launch (u), and 2.  The launch angle (angle of elevation) above the horizontal (A). If the above text is not clear, the vector shown on the left side is (u) and is the Launch velocity, the angle on the left side is A, and the text on the bottom reads Distance travelled. Assume the following: 1.  The angle of elevation is given in degrees and is in the range of 0 to 90. 2.  Start velocity is given as a positive number. 3.  Gravity (g) is equivalent to 10m/s ^ 2. 4.  Ignore air resistance. Note also that to solve the above we must carry out the following steps: 1.  Calculate the vertical and horizontal components of u (the launch velocity) using the following trigonometric identities: Vertical component of launch velocity (Vu) = u x sinA Horizontal component of launch velocity (Hu) = u x cosA   2.  Calculate the time (t) taken for the body to return to the ground using the identity: t = (2 x Vu) / a where a (deceleration due to gravity) is equivalent to g (10m/s ^ 2 in this case). 3.  Calculate distance (s) travelled from the identity: s = Hu x t EXAMPLE: A body is projected with a velocity of u = 200 m/s at an angle of elevation A = 30 degrees above the horizontal.  Determine the distance travelled by the projectile. Vu  = 200 x sin30 = 100 (m/s) Hu = 200 x cos30 = 173.2 (m/s) t = {2 x 100) / 10 = 20 (s) s = 20 x 173.2051 = 3464.1 (m)  This section contains the following elements: The projects only use JDK and an editor (textPad, notepad,…

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