this code needs to be in c thanks body mass index bmi is a measure of body fat based 5191962

This code needs to be in c++. Thanks

Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women. The formula for calculating BMI is: weightInPounds * 703 BMI = ——————————————– heightInInches * heightInInches Create a BMI calculator application that reads the user’s weight in pounds and height in inches, then calculates and displays on screen the user’s body mass index and his/her status (Underweight, Normal, Overweight or Obese). If the user’s status is not Normal, calculate and display how many pounds needed to lose or gain so that the user will have Normal status. You have to figure yourself the formula for the adjusted weight, which should be derived from the above formula for BMI. Also, the application must display the following information from the Department of Health and Human Services/National Institutes of Health so the user can evaluate his/her BMI: BMI VALUES Underweight: less than 18.5 Normal: in the interval [18.5, 25.0] Overweight: in the interval (25.0, 30.0] Obese: greater than 30 Finally, your name as the programmer who wrote the program must be displayed on screen as well at the end. Note: Comments at the top of your source file must include a brief description of the program, your name and the date of finishing. For decimal value, set limit to 2 digits after the dot (i.e. 12.45, N0T 12.4 OR 12.4999). Input / Output Table of Data for Testing Weight Height BMI Adjusted Weight Status 110 65 18.30 + 1.18 Underweight 120 65 19.97 Normal 111.20 65 18.50 Normal 112 65 18.64 Normal 152 65 25.29 – 1.75 Overweight 150.30 65 25.01 – 0.05 Overweight 150.25 65 25.00 Normal 180.30 65 30.00 – 30.05 Overweight 180.40 65 30.02 – 30.15 O

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