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This assignment was started using pharmacy’s process of orderingonline meds. Understand the design documentation phase Document several cloud services needed for this project Create a flow chart of the course lab application Implement a historical change grid at the top of thedocument Submit the module use-case document to the course Dropbox forgrading The project design phase begins with opening the discussionsinto more details about the project requirements. The details cancover the user interface look and feel to how each of the controlswill be used and what type of permissions are applied to each usercontrol. During this phase, it is critical for the system/networkadministrators and database admins to step in and contribute tothese discussions. The design of these system components areimportant and they will have a direct effect on the performance ofthe product or service. In this objective imagine that you are a system/network engineerand document some of the common cloud services to implement asoftware application product built in-house as an enterpriseproduct that must supports 100 simultaneous users. Make sure todocument why you need the cloud service for this type of enterprisesolution and then document the benefits of using the cloud servicefor each component that you recommended. In this step design and build a new flow-chart of current courselab application. You will be far enough into the course lab thatyou will be able to build a flow-chart from it. Use whatever toolsare at your disposal from Microsoft Paint to Visio or hand draw adesign and take a picture of it with your phone. Flow charts givethe reader a visual understanding of the project design and theuser responds to different scenarios while using the product. At the top of this document, implement historical changes gridso all readers know when a section in the use case was changed, andby whom. The historical change section should be easy to understandwhy a change to the document occurred, with informative detailssuch as name, change description, date of change, and version. In away, this is used for document control, there are other ways tomanage document changes but they do not keep track of the historyof each change, sometimes this is a manual process. . . .

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