the purpose of this assessment item is to allow students to take the valuation metho 4075954

7242AFE Equity Investments

Stock Analysis Report + Presentation

1. Purpose

The purpose of this assessment item is to allow students to take the valuation methods introduced throughout the course and apply them to a listed firm of their choosing. One of the best ways of learning valuation is to apply the models and theories we encounter to real-world contexts.

2. Context

Select any ASX top-100 company (see for the list) excluding financials and prepare and present a stock report as an analyst.

You will need to submit the report as a Word document and the presentation as PowerPoint slides. At the outset, you should ensure that you are able to obtain at least the most-recent annual reports or equivalent (i.e. from an electronic database) as a source of financial statement information and corresponding stock price data over a comparable period. You may include your own calculations and calculations from company information providers (incl. details of source).

Potential publicly available sources of information include the company and its website, financial and other publications (Business Review Weekly, Australian Financial Review, The Australian, etc.) Yahoo Finance (financials, stock prices, profiles, etc.), the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, Google, and the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

Useful databases available via the university library include ABI/INFORM Complete (ProQuest), Business Source Complete, Factiva, Informit Search (multiple databases), Annual Reports Collection, Aspect Annual Reports, Aspect Fin Analysis, Company360, Hoover’s Company Records (via ProQuest), Morningstar DataAnalysis, and OSIRIS. The Department of AFE’s trading room has access to Bloomberg and DataStream.

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