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The Perceived Needs of Bedridden and Homebound Patients Who Live Alone and Identification of Quality of Safety and Health Conditions
There are numerous geriatric patients who either live alone or live with spouses who can offer very limited or no help. In cases where such patients are
bedridden it is often difficult for them to access the kind of care required both as a result of their age and their condition and hence have unique needs and require
specialized care to enhance their morbidity. Lack of needs awareness for such patients greatly affect the morbidity of the patients and the lack of specialized care
may even be fatal. This research will seek to identify the needs of bedridden geriatric patients who either live alone or live with people who can offer very limited
Literature review
According to the Administration on Aging 12 % of adults over 65 years old requires assistance regarding care and help in performing routine tasks (Walker &
Lead 2011). Further a huge population of this people either live alone or with equally elderly spouses. Such statistics necessitates that adequate care measures be
accorded bedridden geriatrics in order to enhance their morbidity. Naik et al (2010) posited a multidimensional approach for assessing the vulnerability of adults
living alone. This approached can be enhanced to equally assess the vulnerability inherent in bedridden geriatrics who live alone or with spouses who can only offer
limited care. For instance the patient and spouses vulnerability can be measured based on their cognitive ability available social support and the presence of
cognitive or psychiatric condition that may predispose them to harm (Naik et al. 2010).
For bedridden geriatrics their vulnerability would be further measured by the mobility of the spouse or the mobility support available to the patient. Based on the
level of vulnerability identified the health and safety condition can be ascertained and their needs identified. In addition factors such as the socio-economic
condition of the patient and access to health care professionals have a direct positive correlation with the quality of safety and health condition of the patient.
This implies that bedridden geriatric patients who are comparatively financially and socially well- off might have relatively lesser care needs compared to the
geriatric patients from poor backgrounds. Further the patients who have access to health care either through routine visits to nearby hospitals or visits by health
care professionals might have lesser care needs compared to those patients who dont have such access (Mauk 2010).
1. To identify the economic social and environmental factors that predisposes bedridden patients to adverse morbidity.
2. To determine the extent to which professional support addresses these risks.
3. To determine how improved care and professional support can improve outcomes for bedridden patients.
4. To determine the percentage of bedridden patients who live alone or with elderly spouses in the study area.
5. To use the findings to make recommendations on the improvements on care and support for bedridden patients.
Research questions
1. What factors predispose bedridden patients in absence of able caregivers to adverse morbidity?
2. Does access to professional support determine the quality of outcomes for bedridden patients?
3. Does the quality of family and community support influence the outcomes for bedridden patients?
4. Does the socio-economic status of the patients influence the quality of care?
1. Bedridden geriatrics who live alone are predisposed to factors that impede the enhancement of their morbidity.
2. Geriatric patients socio-economic status and access to health care will influence their health outcomes and hence their vulnerability and consequently care
1. Creating a Survey -should be done by 12/10/14 (please send me the survey part by 12/10/14)
2. Research Proposal Paper
3. Research Proposal Presentation
4. Criteria for evaluation of Research Proposal
The purpose of the research proposal is to identify and formulate questions which arise from nursing practice and to design a research project to study the
identified problem.
As students you will be evaluating yourself and your peers in relation to your contributions tithe research proposal. You and your instructor will use the
following criteria to evaluate your group proposal. The proposal is a six to fifteen page paper. You need to provide a proposal outline to the faculty classmates at
the time of the presentation. Discussion about the proposal with the faculty is strongly recommended.
One point will be subtracted if the Research Proposal Evaluation is not attached to the proposal. Criteria to be addressed in the proposal:
Introduction (20 points)
o Clearly stated problem and purpose of the study
o Independent and dependent variables.
o Definition of terms.
o Assumptions hypothesis or questions (depending on research type)
Theoretical Framework (15 points)
o Description of theoretical framework to be utilized.
o Identification of concepts to be explored.
o Rationale for choosing framework
Review of the Literature (10 points)
o Appropriate ness of review and the proposal focus.
o Inclusion of primary or secondary sources
Methodology (30 points)
o Description of study type (quantitative or qualitative)
o Description of study design.
o Rationale for the use of the selected design.
o Inclusion of sample size type sampling method inclusion/exclusion criteria setting data collection method (instrument) and data collection process.
o Method for Protection of Human Subjects(consent).(Questionnaire and consent forms must be included as Appendices)
Data Analysis (10 points)
o Data analysis method appropriate for study design
o Method of data analysis clearly stated.
o Method for displaying findings is stated.
Applicability to Nursing (5 points)
o Research focuses on a problem significant to nursing.
o Research would contribute to nursing knowledge.
o Proposal is complete so that another researcher could replicate the study.
o Statement about are as of nursing that would benefit from this study.
APA Format (10 points)
o Use of margins headings spelling is error-free use of citations and references.
o Use of headings proper English and spelling error free

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