the community based coalition phase 1 has been formed the coalition will identify on 4954983

The community-based coalition (phase 1) has been formed. The coalition will identify ONE priority health concern (i.e. problem or at-risk population) for its service area. The determination of the priority problem is based on epidemiological data about the size and seriousness of different problems, as well as input from coalition members. The Governor has just ensured an appropriation of $500,000 for the next state fiscal year to begin a program to address the priority problem. The coalition will assemble information and undertake the management process. The following tasks will be completed.

Task 1 ? Problem Statement and Outcome Objective (1 ? 2 pages)

A. Develop a problem statement that includes the magnitude/extent of the problem, population(s) at risk, and pertinent trends. The problem statement should be based on a systematic review of the current state of knowledge about the health problem.

o What do the epidemiological data show regarding the problem and its risk factors? Include data on person, place, and time. Include visual displays.
o What are the time trends in the epidemiological data regarding the problem and/or its risk factors?
o Describe any geographic variations in the epidemiological data? Are there high-risk geographic areas?
o Are there variations among populations groups? (e.g., ethnic groups, rural/urban, male/female, age groups, etc.). If so, who is the high-risk population (s)?
o Is a ?high-risk? or population-wide strategy or both indicated?
o Are there effective (evidence-based) interventions to address the problem?
o Have health policies to address the problem been enacted and evaluated?
o Are resources available for various options?

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