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The Brown Accounting and Recount Firm (BARF) has contacted you to create a personnel database to keep track of their employees. The following constraints are available
​1. The company has just one single location
​2. The company is oranized into departments
​3. Each department has multiple employees
​4. Each employee is assigned to one department at a time.
​5. Each employee has a personnel history (promotions, raises, transfers, etc.)
​6. Each employee is assigned a phone number that does not change.
​7. Each employee is assigned to an office which could change (when transferred, promoted, etc.)
​Draw an ER diagram of your database design for BARF and document a reasonable numbers of fields for your tables using DBDL in 3NF.
​Identif any assumptions you made that will assisst in my understanding of your solution.

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