the analysis report should include the following components 1 describe your research 4954155

The analysis report should include the following components:
1.Describe your research study.
2.State a hypothesis.
3.List and explain the variables you would collect in this study. There must be a minimum of three variables and two must meet the assumptions for a correlational analysis.
4.Create a fictitious data set that you will analyze. The data should have a minimum of 30 cases, but not more than 50 cases.
5.Conduct a descriptive data analysis that includes the following:
•measure of central tendency
•measure of dispersion
•one graph or more
6.Briefly interpret the descriptive data analysis.
7.Conduct the appropriate statistical test that will answer your hypothesis. It must be a statistical test covered in this course such as regression analysis, single t-test, independent t-test, cross-tabulations, Chi-square, or One-Way ANOVA. Explain your justification for using the test based on the type of data and the level of measurement that the data lends to for the statistical analysis.

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