Post a 5–10 minute multimedia piece as a team discussing the following topics as they relate to the Week 6 Team Course Project.  Analyze the social media recruiting sites in Table 6.3 and discuss which sites may be useful to consider for the Week 6 Course Team Project. What are the potential benefits of the sites you chose? Develop a sourcing plan for the position you have chosen. Critically analyze the recruiting sources discussed in Chapter 6 and then recommend what recruiting sources to use to find qualified candidates for this position. Table 6.1 in Chapter 6 provides a number of external recruiting sources. Spend time as a team in deciding how and why these sources are effective. Then create a recruitment ad for the position that incorporates a realistic job preview that will attract qualified candidates. Decide where to place this ad: a newspaper, social media, job boards, search firm, college campuses, and so forth.

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