talk and focus on post impressionism and two other distinct art movements styles suc 4961538

Talk and focus on Post Impressionism and two other distinct art movements/styles, such as Symbolism, late nineteenth-century sculpture or architecture, Arts and Crafts movement, and Art Nouveau. Choose works of art produced during the historical period. Include the following identifying information (if available):
• Title
• Artist
• Date the piece was created
• Art movement and/or style
• Media

write a description and analysis of each work using visual language, with terms from the elements of art and principles of design table listed below (at least 3 of the most relevant art terms per each work of art). Work to explain the trademark attributes of each style and artist. Include discussion of context in each analysis, such as how the subject and style of the artwork expresses historical, cultural, and/or biographical information. Conclude how each artwork is similar and different in terms of style and philosophy.
Answer each question with one citation in essay style format. Each answer only needs to be between 400 to 500 words. Will tip well if done correct. This is for a final exam thank you
1. Compare and contrast racial conflict in the South and the West

2. In what ways were mobilization and the war effort a fulfillment of the progressive legacy? In what ways did the war deny the basic tenets of progressivism?

3. Compare the quality of life in the suburbs with the quality of life either on farms or in cities.

4. Defend or attack the use of civil disobedience as a strategy in the civil rights movement, using Martin Luther Kings early career as an example of the technique.

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