Synthesize the major concepts covered in this course and their influences on nursing practice.  

Respond to the following:

  • Synthesize the major concepts covered in this course and their influences on nursing practice.
  • Address how health policy directly impacts nursing roles and how patient outcomes are the responsibility of all nurses.
  • As a nursing professional, reflect on your unique role as an advocate for social change.
  • Your reflection should be brief (approximately 150 words).



Nursing has essential concepts that are directed towards the development of knowledge relevant to taking care of patients. As from the previous studies in this course, it was put across that the metaparadigm is made up of four central concepts. These are health, environment, the patient, and nursing. This, therefore, means that the nurses a have a significant role that they play in the community. As nurses, we see health policy as something that can be shaped. This is because we understand better the needs of the patients and the community in general. Therefore, we are a natural choice that should always be included in the health policymaking.

It is true to say that the patient’s outcomes are a responsibility of the nurse. As noted from the previous courses and research work from other sources, the nurses educate the patients in a better manner. In addition to this, they also communicate effectively to them. All these contribute to success when the patient is discharged. Health policy will therefore directly impact the nursing roles more prominently. The nurses have assumed roles such as research, analysis, evaluation, policy development, and health policy advocacy. These roles have impacted the nurse directly in a manner that they can make a difference.

As an advocate for social change, I would begin by developing a bedside way of communication to the patient. My philosophy will be highly personalized and focused on compassion and empathy. All these will be tailored to the patient. As a result, I know there will be a more considerable success achieved in the form of healthier and happier patients. I believe that the personalized care will be a more significant tool for me as an advocate for change.

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