suppose i have textbox for email id like this lt input type quot text quot name quot 5154721

Suppose i have textbox for email id like this



please tell what javascript/ jquery script has to written so that if user clicks on submit button after entering the Email id it should display the message “Email already exists in the database.Please try with different email id” and if the user enters a new email id then it should add the email id and also other details like username ,email ,password into the database.

Please tell how to do the validations using Javascript for entering the data into database and authenticating only if the user enters new email id and if already existing email id user enters then it should display already existing

Also if the user enters wrong or unmatched email address or incorrent addreess pattern like abcd@chegg.1234;;; then also it should not authenticate the data into the database.

Please make any database and table like username ,password ,email id and please write the validations using javascript/jquery or ajax .

please help me please i beg

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