Student Finance/Budget Proposal

The student will select an educational problem, at the K-12 or higher education level. The student should consider an issue that they would want to “fix” or address if they were an educational leader. Then the student will write a proposal on how the problem could be improved solutions finance and/or budget. The proposal (maximum 8 pages) should include the following:

1. A history of the problem;

2. A description of how the problem affects marginalized student groups (who does it affect and how);

3. How money relates to the problem (through finance policy or budgeting choices);

4. A history of attempted solutions (finance and other); and,

5. The proposed solution and why it is the best choice (supported by scholarly research).

The options are endless here and students are encouraged to consider how this assignment might help them explore a possible dissertation topic or delve further into a particular area of interest.

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