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Strategic management

Question 1

Should the UFC expand to South Korea? Consider the potential value to doing so as well as the risks.

Question 2

Analyze the relationship among corporate structure, corporate governance and corporate strategy: What is the UFC’s corporate level strategy? Be sure to define any key terms.

Question 3

From your readings in the text, How have Fertitta brothers and Dana White proven (or failed to prove) themselves as effective strategic leaders?

Question 4

Criticize effective and ineffective corporate strategies: What steps were taken to by UFC to legitimize MMA as a sport? Were these steps effective?

Question 5

Should the UFC expand to India? Consider the potential value to doing so as well as the risks.

Question 6

Define business, corporate, and international–level strategy: What is a focus strategy? How might UFC apply these concepts to better serve the other markets?

Question 7

Explain merger and acquisition strategies and how they relate to strategic competitiveness. Discuss the mergers and acquisitions that the UFC has made? How have these increased UFC’s strategic competitiveness?

Question 8

Should the UFC expand to China? Consider the potential value to doing so as well as the risks in your answer.

Question 9

Define and describe the general environment and the industry environment and how competitive forces influence the firm: Exhibit five of the case study shows some of the UFC’s biggest competitors in the PPV market. Describe the UFC’s competitive environment? What opportunities are there for further growth?

Question 10

Explain how firms analyze their value chain for the purpose of determining where they are able to create value when using their resources, capabilities, and core competencies: What are the resources, capabilities, and core competencies of UFC? Be sure to define these terms in your answer.

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            South Korea acts as a real market strategy on which UFC might find welcoming enhancing on its expansion. Unlike Japan, the market was only strong for about three to four years, South Korea acts as a basis for a long-term play there. The current situation in Japan attributing to a weak market serves as a basis for better enhancement of South Korea…………….


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