State the Mission and Vision of the organization.

Watch the TED-Ed video on Mission & Vision statements. Then find the mission and vision statement of the organization you are presently working in. If you are not currently employed please choose an organization you worked at or an organization you would like to work for.

Answer the following:

  1. State the Mission and Vision of the organization.
  2. Comment on if what is stated in the mission and vision is truly practiced in the organization. Cite specific examples if they do or do not practice this.
  3. Look at the organizational structure (TO-Table of Organization or organizational chart) and roles within the organization. Comment on the Advantages and the Disadvantages of the structure in your organization. Pay close attention to where nursing is in the organizational table and discuss if it is on a level that is equal to other departments.
  4. Does Nursing have its own Mission and vision statement? If so, how is it similar or different from the overall organizational statement?

Please make sure that you use APA style when citing and/or referencing this post.

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