specific guidelines for you to follow in the development of your essay are as follow 4955854

Specific guidelines for you to follow in the development of your essay are as follows:

1.Choose one of the four main characters in the novel: Hester Prynne, Rev. Arthur Dimmesdale, Roger Chillingworth, or Pearl (do not choose any other character).
2.Explore the variety of ways that particular character undergoes transformation throughout the novel. Ideas to explore include the following:

What is their character like at the beginning of the novel?
What sort of transformations does the character experience?
How does Hawthorne make these transformations happen?
In particular, how does he use foreshadowing, irony, and symbolism to aid in the characters transformations?
Do the characters transformations result in a change that affects him or her for the better or for the worse?
How do the characters transformations affect the action of the novel?
What elements of 17th-century Puritan society help affect the transformations?
Does Hawthorne stay true to his portrayal of 17th-century Puritanism in the New World in his character development/transformation?
Do the characters transformations have a major effect on one or more of the other three major characters?
Besides the three literary devices mentioned above, does Hawthorne use others to help portray the characters transformations? (this website is helpful with providing information about literary devices: http://literarydevices.net/ )
Do the characters transformations help make him/her the novels hero? Why or why not?
What aspects of the character, if any, do not undergo transformation, and how/why is this significant or insignificant?
What changes which occurred in Puritan society are foreshadowed by the characters transformations?

3.The above are some ideas for you to use as you develop your approach to your essay. You may consider others, but they will need to be approved in our one-on-one meeting in which we discuss your thesis and outline.
4.This paper is worth 300 points. Remember that you must make a C or better on the paper in order to pass this course (at least 210 points).

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