Should a hospital have the right to require treatment?

  •  The accuracy of your cites (citations are mandatory)
  •  Your writing skills (grammar / spelling)
  •  Proper word count (between 150 – 250 words ONLY

Now you choose. Read through the posts submitted by the class. What is your opinion? What side seemed to have more valid arguments? Should a hospital have the right to require treatment? Why / why not? Be sure to support your opinion by citing to a fellow student’s post.

Peer :

One of the rights of patients is compassionate care and that is why even though doctors do not share the decisions or the religious ideology of a person, it is important that the will of the patient or his legal representative be done (Pozgar, 2019, pg 394). In this case, Ms. Fugal refused the blood transfusion at the time she needed it but her religious faith that is contrary to the belief of blood transfusion. As a representative of the hospital, I would carry as evidence that the patient signed at the time of her admission, signed a standard consent form that included her agreement to have a blood transfusion if necessary and the signed consent of her separated husband who was also agreement to save his life if he administered another blood transfusion. Despite the fact that her life was saved if her right to decide for herself was violated whether she wanted the treatment or not. Your case came to the Florida Supreme Court ruled that a competent person has a right to refuse medical treatment, including all decisions relevant to his or her health.

There are decisions that will be better but not necessarily in the light of believers of certain religions such as Jehovah’s Witnesses who believe that “Blood removed from an individual is to be poured out or discarded.” (Religious Tolerance, 2019).The interest of the hospital so that Mrs. Fugal received the treatment was so that she would not die because she had already signed a medical-legal document, along with which her husband had accepted that she would not die and leave a father with his children. It is ironic for me but it is part of the freedoms that exist in our country, it is part of the diversity that although I do not want to accept, it must be respected. The last wishes of the patients must be respected and that is why you must document each form of acceptance or denial of procedures because you never know if any case ends up in the courts.


Pozgar, G. (2019, pg 394). Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration. Burlington: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Religious Tolerance. (2019, July 15). Retrieved from Religious Tolerance:

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