Scanning The Business Environment And Collecting Relevant Data

In step one we discussed why strategic planning is essential to define the scope of the plan.  What did you find most useful in step 2, Scanning the Business Environment? For example, what did you learn about the process of identifying current and future business drivers? Can you determine where, when, and why this application would be applied? What is the purpose of conducting a SWOT analysis? What is your perspective on scanning the environment? Use quotes or paraphrase to support your statement(s).



In step 2, we learned the process for identifying current and future business drivers, scanning the environment, and conducting a SWOT analysis.

What did you find useful in step 3 – Collecting Relevant Data? For example, do you believe surveys are an excellent way to collect data? Why is it essential that you gather data before you develop a functional strategy?

In your own words, supported with a quote from your textbook, what is your understanding of this lesson?

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