review the six competition scenes below label each behavior as being either acceptab 3741228

Review the six competition scenes below. Label each behavior as being either “acceptable” or “unacceptable”

Review the six competition scenes below. Label each as being either “acceptable” or “unacceptable”

based on your own. (e.g., 1. acceptable, 2, unacceptable, etc)

1. A defensive linebacker on the local football team has been repeatedly criticized by his father for not “pushing” receivers in his zone. He vows to satisfy his father. In the next game, he delivers as hard a “hit” as he can to a receiver who is in mid-air, flipping him, knocking him unconscious and out of the game. Is the defensive back’s behavior acceptable or unacceptable?

2. A young woman tennis player has been beaten badly in the singles final. She is also in the doubles final and again facing her singles opponent, whom she thoroughly dislikes. She gets a weak and high return of serve at the net and smashes it at her opponent with obvious delight. Is this young woman’s behavior acceptable or unacceptable?

3. An 8-year old hockey player has been told by his coach that is he does not play more “physically”, he will be benched. He is checked hard by an opposing defensive player and retaliates by spearing him with the hockey stick. Though he is penalized by the referee, he is cheered by his coach. Is this boy’s behavior acceptable or unacceptable?

4. Two High School girls basketball teams meet in the regional finals. The only black player on the court is the star of one team. She is constantly heckled when she has the ball. This includes the use of racial slurs by the opposing team’s cheering section. Is the behavior of these fans acceptable or unacceptable?

5. The Dodgers are playing the Giants. In the second inning the Dodger’s pitcher hits the Giants’ first baseman because “the plate belongs to me”. When the Dodgers’ pitcher comes to bat the next inning, the Giants’ pitcher purposefully hits him on his throwing arm. Is the behavior of the Giants’ pitcher acceptable or unacceptable?

6. The coach of a woman’s volleyball team knows that the star of the opposing team has a very sore back. She instructs her players to “spike” every shot they can at the injured opponent, in an attempt to aggravate her injury and knock her out of the game. Is the coach’s behavior acceptable or unacceptable?



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