Revenue Management Plan Development Process

Assignment: Revenue Management Plan Development Process

A revenue management plan allows criminal justice administrators to assess and determine an agency’s ability to generate sufficient funds to support program and service decisions. The three steps of revenue management planning include revenue development, revenue analysis, and revenue support system implementation. The development process is critical to a successful revenue management plan and is concerned with developing tax structures that consider short- and long-term funding opportunities. An important aspect of the development process is the composition of relevant questions that address political, tax, demographic, and administrative issues.

For this assignment, consider the following scenario:

In the city where you work as a finance officer, the city administrator and local sheriff are contemplating the construction of a new jail near the downtown main courthouse. The city administrator has asked you to develop a revenue management plan for the construction. The construction is projected to cost the city $2.5 million, with a necessary increase in the sheriff’s personnel, technical, and operating budgets each fiscal year following its completion.

To prepare for this assignment:

  • Review Chapter 5 in your course text, The Basics of Public Budgeting and Financial Management. Focus on the Exhibit 5.5 “Developing a Revenue Management Plan” on page 135, and pay particular attention to the categories of questions that are commonly included in a revenue management plan.
  • Review the case scenario and think about 8–10 political, tax, demographic, and administrative questions that may arise in the city council meeting. When formulating your list of potential questions, you may identify any others that you believe are relevant but that may not be mentioned in the textbook.

The assignment (1 1/2 page):

  • Compose a series of 8–10 questions (political, tax, demographic, and administrative questions) that might be asked at a city council meeting related to a new criminal justice facility.
  • Explain a conclusion you drew or insight you gained about the revenue management plan development process

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