rethinking activity based costing i have homework which is summers of the young read 3803372

Rethinking activity based costing

I have homework, which is summers of the Young Reader Case ( Rethinking activity based costing)

and of the Case to your work experience ( my work in administration of bank) Relationship of the Case to material covered in class ( my class is accounting 560 )

Finally write in conculsion Summary about

It must be 6 pages no more no less just 6.






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Activity based costing is an accounting method that has been used for a long period of time. It is used to assign the specific cost of each service of good depending on the consumption that the product has. Since its interception, this is a method that has made it possible to estimate the company’s usage on different activities, services or even specific products. With this knowledge, it is possible for the different companies to make sure that they make…..


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