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Respond to this post

One of my sources I’m using is a journal discussing the issue of infection happening in nursing homes-which types are most common and why the rates are so high. This journal also shares information on the increase of antibiotic-resistant infection due to overuse of antibiotics. There are also methods of prevention and control for nursing homes, with hopes in the conclusion of having better programs/policies in place to reduce infection rates, through a main use of better educated clinical staff.

Montoya, A., & Mody, L. (2011). Common infections in nursing homes: a review of current issues and challenges. Aging health, 7(6), 889–899. doi:10.2217/AHE.11.80

Through my time at Keiser I have been introduced to APA format and a focus on using scholarly sources, such as scientific journals. Having resources like the Keiser Database has provided better insight on what kind of material provides reliable information and the Writing Center gives valuable feedback on proper use of APA formatting. I realize the importance of giving credit to all sources of information, as they themselves worked diligently to provide the information to others.

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