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Part B When you show the resource-constrained network to top management, they are visibly shaken. After some explanation and negotiation they make the following compromise with you: -The project must be completed no later than February 2, 2012 (530 days) -You may assign two additional development teams -If this does not suffice, you may hire other development teams from the outside. Hire as few external teams as possible because they cost $50 more per hour than your inside development people Internal Development Add as many development units (teams) as needed to stay within the 530 days. If you need more than two internal development units, then hire as few external teams as necessary. Select the cheapest possibility! Change as few activities as possible. It is recommended you keep work packages which require cooperation of several organizational units inside your company. You decide how best to do this. Hint: Undo leveling prior to adding new resources Once you have obtained a schedule that meets the time and resource constraints, answer the following questions: 1. What changes did you make and why? 2. How long will the project take? 3. How did these changes affect the sensitivity of the network? Include a Gantt chart with a schedule table presenting the new schedule Part 4 Based on the file created at the end of Part 3, answer the following questions: 1. How much will the project cost? 2. What does the cash flow statement tell you about how costs are distributed over the life span of the project? Include a monthly cash flow and a cost table for the project. Once you are confident that you have the final schedule, save the file as a baseline Hint: Save a backup file just in case without baseline

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