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Question 2. (30pts.) Suppose that you are journalist who isasked to write an opinion piece on the subject of “privatizationand deregulation of the railroad industry in Turkey” by his/hereditor. Indeed, a fast online search reveals that in a piecepublished in the Washington Post on 04.06.2015 sponsored (paidfor!) by the Association of American Railroads, it is claimedthat:1 Railroad regulation began in the late 19th century, when therail industry faced virtually no competition from other modes oftransportation. Over time, the regulations became far-reaching andgreatly limited the ability of railroads to determine services, setprices and even build new rail lines. It then continues to argue in favor of deregulation by pointingout the following: “America has the greatest economic system in the world. Letsreduce government interference and give it a chance to work.”President Jimmy Carter used this line during his 1979 State of theUnion address to demand that Congress deregulate the freight railindustry. That article continues to claim that deregulation of therailroad industry has been a big success in the US.

Using the knowledge accumulated in this course, write a structuredessay analyzing this subject. Would the deregulated and private markets (wild capitalism) work in therailroad industry in Turkey? . . .

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