q4 the rf the following trial balance of oasis lid as at 30 september 2006 500 600 9 3702083

Q4 The rf The following trial balance of Oasis Lid as at 30 September 2006 500 600 90 Profit and loss account: 1 October 200 and buildings at cost Motor vehicles at cost 880 Trade debtors / creditors 650 arehouse wages staftf salaries 60 and heat 180 Bank 279 urther 1. The called-up share capital of 1 millon ordinary shares of $1.00 each, fully paid 2. Stock at 30 September 2008 was $740,000 5. The directors have proposed a final dividend on the ordinary shares in 6. Depreciation is provided on a straight line basis at 2 per cent per annum for building and 20 The auditors’ fees and expenses for the year are expected to be $71,000 The estimated corporation tax charge on the profit for the year is $250,000 of 10 cents per share per cent per annum on vehicles. A full years charge is made in the year of none in the year of disposal issue at 30 September aoquisation and 7. The following items are to be apportioned between distribution costs and administrative below Light and heat, telephone and postage, 60% 8. The following itams were unrecorded in the ledger on 30 September 2008 The issue of 500,000 ordinary shares at $1.50 each fully paid on 31 August 2006 () The acquisition on credit of a motor vehicle costing $100,000 on 31 August 2006 The sale on credit of a motor vehicle for $40,000 on 31 August 2006. The cost $50,000 when purchased on 1 February 2004 The land included in the above trial balance cost $1 m. The directors have decided to revalue this on 30 Septamber 2008 at $1.3 m 9. REQUIRED Prepare profit ands loss account for the year ended 30 September 2008 and a balance sheet as at 30 September 2008 in a form suitable for.publicatio

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