q36 the letter of authorization is a a document requesting that the report be prepar 3761010

Q36. The letter of authorization is
a. a document requesting that the report be prepared.
b. another name for the letter of acceptance.
c. found in proposals but not other kinds of reports.
d. all of the above.

Q37. The difference between formal proposals and other formal reports lies mainly in
a. the text.
b. the introduction.
c. the prefatory parts.
d. the appendixes.

Q38. When delivering your speech, it is a good idea to
a. grip the lectern, to keep your hands occupied.
b. step away from the lectern but put your hands behind your back.
c. step away from the lectern but keep your hands by your side.
d. step away from the lectern and use your hands to emphasize what you?re saying.

Q39. A descriptive synopsis
a. tells what the report is about but does not include the report?s findings.
b. focuses on conclusions and key points.
c. is the best choice when using the direct organizational approach.
d. might be construed as confrontational by some readers.

Q40. Speeches and oral presentations are much like any other messages in that
a. they require similar planning.
b. the size of the groups to which they are delivered is similar.
c. the interaction between the audience and speaker is similar.
d. they deal with emotional or personal issues to a similar extent.

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