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Q /Below four answers are written against each questionsPlease highlight the most suitable one as your answers.

a)In IRQ2 and IRQ3 which one has the highestpriority?

Can’t bedetermined

Both have samepriority


Extended memory is available if the processoris of the type

None of the givenchoices

All of the givenchoices


In NTFS, boot sector is storedat

First and 6thsector

First and Lastsector

Only at Lastsector

Only at Firstsector

DMA driven IO is the technique used forperforming IO

All of the givenchoices

By transferring the datadirectly from IO port to processor and vice versa

By using the processorto perform an IO routine only when data for IO

operation is available.

By keeping the processortied up either checking for the possibility of an IO

operation or performing the IO operation

A full duplex communication system isto be implementing using a PPI

(peripheral programmable interface). By the virtue ofthe printer interface provided

by the standard PCs the unit of data transfer for suchcommunication will be

A doubleword

A word

A byte


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