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Python Pandas Series/Dataframe Question (No loops, No Ifstatement, No List Comprehension) Use the pandas
read_csv function to read in theteams and win/loss information. Be sure to label both the indicesand the columns in the

DataFrame. Return out the DataFrame object in addition to theresults in a tuple. A common practice in doing array-based dataanalysis is to keep metadata separate from the actual numeric data.Metadata consists of items such as field names, descriptions, etc.For example, the file
teams.csv (pasted below)contains a list of team names and the file
winloss.csv (pasted below) contains informationabout the teams’ records throughout the season. For example, theOwls won their game against the Cubs because line 3, column 5 ofthe file contains a W. Note the diagonal has X values because teamsdon’t play themselves (obviously!). Write a function named
final_results that accepts two parameters: a
teams file name and a
win/lossfile name. If you properly use DataFrame and Series objects, youshould be able to return these results (ranked in order of mostwins) without using a loop: In [1]: final_results(‘teams.csv’,’winloss.csv’)



Rams 4

Cubs 3

Jazz 3

Owls 2

Jets 2

Zips 1

dtype: int64, 0

Jazz Jets Owls Rams Cubs Zips

Jazz X W W L L W

Jets L X W W L L

Owls L L X L W W

Rams W L W X W W

Cubs W W L L X W

Zips L W L L L X) Most of your time on this exercise will likely be spent studyingthe read_csv documentation page to get an idea for the multitude ofoptions you have to read csv data into pandas. Experiment to findthe applicable options. Find below the file
teams.csv: Find below the file
Point of Stress: This is a Python questionrequiring that I demonstrate knowledge of Pandas Series/Dataframe.No Loops, No If Statements and No List Comprehension are allowedhere. Please attach a print screen in addition to the scripts asevidence the scripts ran properly and as intended. Thanks. . . .

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