purpose the purpose of this assignment is for you to write an original research pape 5218106

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is for you to write an original research paper on an ethical, historical, or cultural issue related to advertising. This is a research paper, it should be focused on specific details that emerge from your research. The paper should be the culmination of primary and secondary research on the topic of your choice and be a sustained investigation of an issue that answers a research question you create.

Final Deliverables:

·       Research Paper: 3500-5000 words of original research that answers a research question.


Research Proposal

Calvin Klein’s “My Calvins” Campaign

      I.               Calvin Klein new advertisement campaign “My Calvins” is the most scandalous so far.

a.     The campaigns tagline is “raw texts, real stories”.

b.     The campaign includes lustful images and persuasive content.

c.      It encourages that digital dating and meeting strangers is a norm.

    II.                My Calvins video advertisements include raw texts and stories people can relate to.

a.     Most of the ads involve teenagers texting and looking for a hookup.

b.     The ad videos clearly do not focus on the fashion side but rather more on the sexual side.

c.     It includes stories about people’s sexual life that customers can relate to.

  III.                Calvin Klein’s new campaign is targeting the millennial generation through social media.

a.     The ads contain images and text screenshots portraying erotic conversations similar to tinder texts.

b.     This campaign is about starting a conversation with the involvement of provocation.

c.     CK will be partnering with tinder within the coming months.

  IV.               My Calvins campaign lets the famous and non-famous share latest CK wears under the hashtag #mycalvins.

a.     Intsagram has become CK’s main target to promote their products.

b.     The brand saw an advantage in the selfie obsession, encouraging customers to promote CK’s products under the hashtag #mycalvins.

c.     Millions of photos get uploaded and seen on social media.

    V.               Purpose of research is to talk about the advantages and disadvantages in advertisement in CK’s new campaign.










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