purpose of the assignment this assignment gives students the opportunity to apply if 4956257

Purpose of the Assignment
This assignment gives students the opportunity to apply IFSM 441 course concepts and specifically addresses the following course outcomes:
1. Evaluate the values, principles, strategies and practice of Agile tools in order to mitigate uncertainty and risk with project delivery.
2. Compare Agile versus traditional project methodologies in order to provide best fit for the organization.
3. Apply Agile framework to meet the specific operational needs.

Scenario #3 Group/Individual Assignment Extension to Main Case

Internal/External: External project for the Health Crisis Prevention and Response Management Service/Product Delivery Division.

Project Title: U.S. Homeland Security Biohazard Incident Tracking and Coordination System (BITCS).

Brief Description: XYZ has just won a contract with the federal government to put in place a state-of-the art Biohazard Incident Tracking and Coordination System portal and applications for collaboration between emergency responders and for decision support. BITCS is an Intranet-only accessible portal (for facilitating collaboration) with seamless access to event data relating to active biohazards.

Other Key Information: XYZ Corporations winning bid response specifications call for largely Microsoft technologies, including SharePoint (portal), SQL Server (database platforms), .NET (backend application and client application architecture and technology), and MS Office (desktop knowledge worker facilitation). The Homeland Security unit procuring the application prescribed an Agile software development and project management solution, so XYZ responded accordingly. Your Agile Team has been assigned with team building, product development, and release plan responsibilities (Scenario 3, this scenario), followed later by sprint plan development and exploration (execution of development tasks). Due to the requirements of the client, this engagement is expedited. The timeline for full delivery is 1 year but after 4 months a functioning portal is required under the awarded contract. After 8 months the application and databases deliverables are due. After 1 year, the fully delivered integrated solution (portal working with applications/databases) is due.

1. Product Vision (Vision Box & Elevator Test Statement) Product Vision PowerPoint Submitted (MS PowerPoint recommended) (4-slide presentation of the front, back, and left side, and right side of a box (with no top and bottom);
2. The elevator test statement—an explanation of the project to
someone within two minutes—takes the following format:Ø
For (target customer)Ø
Who (statement of the need or opportunity)Ø
The (product name) is a (product category)Ø
That (key benefit, compelling reason to buy)Ø
Unlike (primary competitive alternative)Ø
Our product (statement of primary differentiation)Ø

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