PU550-4: Create a personal leadership development plan.

View an introduction to the Assignment. Be sure to adjust your audio settings.

Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:

· Design a personal leadership development plan.

Course outcomes addressed in this Assignment:

· PU550-4: Create a personal leadership development plan.


In this scenario, you have recently been hired at a healthcare organization. Your hiring manager has asked you to assess your leadership skills and develop a personal leadership development plan based on areas that need improvement.

· Complete the Tier 3 Competency Assessment to determine how prepared you are to meet the requirements of a public health leader.

· After completing the Assessment, copy and paste the “Your Results” section from the Assessment to the Assignment 9 Submission Template.

· Develop a comprehensive plan for improving in the three areas with the lowest score.

· Complete the Open College course titled, Professional Presence. The course is broken into three modules and can be found here https://opencollege.purdueglobal.edu/login/index.php. Upon completion of the three modules upload your certificate with your Unit 9 Assignment.


· Tier 3 Competency Assessment Completed.

· Results section from Tier 3 Competency Assessment copied and pasted into Unit 9 Assignment Submission Template Section I.

· Section II Table completed – table includes three strategies or training to support development in areas of improvement.

· 500–800 word summary of a personal leadership development plan.

· Certificate of completion uploaded from Professional Presence training.

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