provide two responses to the discussion below responses are thought provoking clearl 5131563

Provide two responses to the discussion below. (Responses are thought-provoking, clearly supported, and further build a positive contribution to the discussion.)

1. Do you think social media can add value to the manufacturing process? In what ways?

I think social media can add value to the manufacturing process in a number of ways. Social media can inform users about a product or service which will encourage the user to give feedback that would be beneficial to the manufacturer. The manufacturer can make adjustments in the process due to feedback and contributions from people on social media. “They consider social media-based solutions as critical tools for integrating data and content with people and systems. Increasingly, they're identifying ways that these technologies can be applied to a broader range of constituents that include customers, partners, and suppliers” (Doyle, para. 14).

2. How would you characterize today's mobile users? Should these same characteristics apply to the manufacturing 2020 workforce? Why or why not?

I would characterize today's mobile users as a dependent. We are now more dependent on being mobile more than ever. I believe by 2020 a lot of the manufacturing workforce will be automatic through mobile processes. If you look at many manufacturing processes including water jet units, they are already mobile. The water jet can run all night by a computer telling it's cut, partner. The work cell can use robotic arms that move the part from line to line and even in the circumstance where something breaks it can now send a signal to the crib master unit which in return sends an automatic PO to the supplier for the part that is broke which then leads to an EDI transmission to the warehouse to package the part for UPS to ship! So with saying all of this, the workforce will continue to be depleted in an effort to be efficient & effective.

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