Provide a brief explanation of how you might implement your marketing plan. 

Engaging in formative and outcome evaluation assists health care administrators in determining what modifications, if any, are necessary to contribute to the effectiveness and success of health programs. Within the inherent dynamics of providing health care services to changing populations and within the changing health care landscape, formative and outcome evaluation represent essential tools in the health care administrator toolkit. Results that contribute to understanding why certain programs may or may not work successfully for a given audience or population help health care administrators apply theory to practice. This application of theory to practice allows health care administrators to ensure that the health care programs and services offered by their agencies or organizations remain consistent with the needs of the audience or community served, as well as contributing to the competitive advantage within the health care marketplace.

For this Assignment, you will use insights you have gained in the previous weeks regarding formative and outcome evaluation to continue to create your marketing plan by selecting and justifying the implementation and evaluation processes best suited for your campaign.

The Assignment (2–3 pages)

  1. Provide a brief explanation of how you might implement your marketing plan.
  2. Be sure to include the timeline, time frame, and any tools needed to implement your marketing plan.
  3. Explain two potential barriers that might affect the implementation process and one way in which you might address one barrier.
  4. Be specific and use examples to illustrate your points.


Weekly Resources 

Hillestad, S. G., & Berkowitz, E. N. (2012). Health care market strategy: From planning to action (4th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

  • Chapter      6, “The Strategy Action Match” (pp. 157–196)
  • Chapter      10, “Conclusion” (pp. 293–306)

Parker, J. C., & Thorson, E. (Eds.). (2009). Health communication in the new media landscape. New York, NY: Springer.

  • Chapter      16, “New Media: A Third Force in Healthcare” (pp. 417–432)

Kennedy, A., Rogers, A. Chew-Graham, C., Blakeman, T., Bowen, R., Gardner, C., … Protheroe, J. (2014). Implementation of a self-management support approach (WISE) across a health system: A process evaluation explaining what did and did not work for organisations, clinicians, and patients. Implementation Science, 9(1), 1–28. Note: Retrieved from Walden Library databases.

Marketing Strategy Plan

My Marketing Plan

My marketing plan is designed to promote nutrition among teens especially in middle schools. Reason being, these teens form the economically active population and make the most nutritional mistakes leading to the high cases of obesity in the country. My product strategy (in this case “promoting nutrition”) involves the positive impact that breakfast has on Continuous Assessment Tests scores and classroom behaviors. My pricing strategy, on the other hand, involves costs and recommendations that will be helpful in lowering the barriers of implementing a Grab-N-Go breakfast. For instance, in case of student rejection, the school faculty can offer a variety of foods each day and they can present foods in a manner that students find more attractive. The placement strategy is put in place to guide the location that breakfast is sold and consumed in middle schools. The sales will minimize the amount of time needed to purchase while the consumption allows students to eat breakfast where they can interact with other students.

My promotional strategy involves recommendations for promoting the program to various teens around the state. I think that we can use older teens and other high school students to promote regular breakfast consumption. Also, in promoting the program, parents or teachers can use word of mouth, school websites and even signs placed in front of schools to reach out to students who are having trouble grasping the importance of the program. Furthermore, with the aid of the Alabama Department of Public Health, my plan can be successfully implemented.

The main aim will be to reduce unhealthy snacking and enhance nutrition education in various middle schools. With the department’s mission and vision, we can get state of the art nutrition materials that can be helpful in supporting the curriculum adopted by the schools. Also, we can adopt the environmental services provided by the department to create a cafeteria environment that will help improve merchandising or presentation of milk, fruits and vegetables to increase consumption among teens in the school. Reason being, nutrition during childhood and adolescence is essential for growth and development, health and well-being (Story et al., 2002). So, I think that both my marketing plan and the health agency’s resources will come in handy during the implementation of nutrition programs in schools.

I believe that my marketing plan is designed to help promote proper nutritional values to teens around the state and with the help of the health agency, it can be successfully implemented. All we have to do is acquire state of the art resources and create a cafeteria environment that all teens can access in the school environment. Furthermore, the health agency’s mission and statement are simple and straight to the point, and they can help in implementing the said marketing plan. So, all tees should be open to change and hope that all things will turn out for the better in future.

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