Private Homecare Through The Eyes Of A Certified Nursing Assistant

For the first part of your assignment, you will submit a complete sentence outline (NOT a topic outline or a written transcript!). Please attend or watch the recording of Keiser Live Week 2, Part 1 BEFORE starting this assignment for a complete understanding of the expectations and requirements of the assignment. 

In an effort to help you understand this assignment, a template has been offered. Please use it to outline your speech.

Remember that visual aids are not required, yet highly encouraged. If you have visual aids, you will need to show them when presenting the speech, as well as list them in your outline. If you are using sources, please make sure your references and citations are formatted using APA 7th edition style.

Please note that your submissions are checked through SafeAssign for compliance with academic integrity policies. Reports are available to you immediately upon submission. Please check your outlines for academic integrity – if your work shows any similarity issues, you are responsible for fixing these issues PRIOR to final submission. Outlines that are not accurately cited, or have too high of a similarity index will not be accepted for grading.

To review the grading rubric that will be used to evaluate your assignment, please click “Week 2 Assignment Part 1: Informative Speech Outline” link and click on “View Rubric” to review all graded elements.


Must use APA7 format for all assignments. No exceptions.

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