please make a flowchartfor the following problem distancetraveled the distance a veh 4949603

PLEASE MAKE A FLOWCHARTFOR THE FOLLOWING PROBLEM: DistanceTraveled The distance a vehicle travels can be calculated asfollows: Distance = Speed * Time For example, if a train travels 40miles-per-hour for three hours, the distance traveled is 120 miles.Create a flowchart for a program that asks for the speed of avehicle (in miles-per-hour) and the number of hours it hastraveled. It should use a loop to display the distance a vehiclehas traveled for each hour of the time period specified by theuser. For example, if a vehicle is traveling at 40 mph for athree-hour period, it should display a report similar to the onethat follows: Hour Distance Traveled 1 40 2 80 3 120 . . .

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