page 1 of 4 microsoft word project purpose the purpose of this assignment is for stu 4961674

Page 1 of 4 Microsoft Word Project Purpose The purpose of this assignment is for students to use various sources (both print and online) to research a technology-related issue. Students will then write a paper in Microsoft Word that further describes the issue and communicates the students position. Content Requirements Search the Internet for a current technology-related issue/debate. An example of one, which you cannot use for the project, might be whether its right or wrong for potential employers to require applicants Facebook credentials so that they can peer into their personal lives. This paper should:  contain a title page including your full name, title of paper (which you can choose), course and lab section number, lab instructors name, and the date  include at least four pages of text-based content (this does not include any images, tables, or other visual (non-text) elements. This content should: o introduce the technology-related issue you are writing about, as well as the Web site address of the article you found introducing this issue o describe, in your own words, why the issue is important to you and how it might relate to your everyday life o Describe how you feel about the issue o include information from at least two additional sources (for a total of three) that provides additional information about the issue  include at least one image in your document (either a photo or clipart) that helps explain a point in your paper or clarify a difficult concept. Please note that the space this image occupies in your paper does not count toward your four-page text-based content requirement  include a table to help convey additional information about your chosen issue/topic (for example if there are arguments for and against your chosen issue, you might have one column containing arguments for the issue, and another column containing the arguments against the issue). Please note that the space this table occupies in your paper does not count toward your four-page text-based content requirement  include a SmartArt illustration of your choice that visually conveys information presented in your paper. Please note that the space this diagram occupies in your paper does not count toward your four-page text-based content requirement  include citations, where appropriate, for content you pull from other sources  include a Works Cited (or Bibliography) page that lists your minimum of 3 legitimate sources. If you use your textbook at all, include your textbook as one of your sources Page 2 of 4 Technical Requirements In addition to meeting the content requirements for this assignment, you also will need to demonstrate your proficiency of Microsoft Word by applying the following formatting. These instructions are designed to be completed in order; completing them out of order may make it more difficult to perform certain instructions.  Apply a page border of your choice to the title page  Center-align all text on the title page  Change the default font, font size, and font color for the text on the title page to make your paper appear inviting  The content of your paper should start on the page immediately following the title page. The title of your paper should appear again at the top of the first page of content (second page of your Word document), and formatted with the Title style.  Verify that the text in the content portion of your paper is formatted with the Times New Roman font, 11-point font size, and a black font color  Text should be double-spaced, and a 0.4” first line indent should be applied to all paragraphs  All pages in the document should have top and bottom margins of 1”, and the left and right margins each should be 0.90”  Each page (with the exception of the title page) should contain a right-aligned header containing your last name, followed by a space, and then the current page number  Each page (with the exception of the title page) should contain a center-aligned footer containing the title of your paper  Include a bulleted list and a numbered list, where appropriate (you should have two separate lists – one that is numbered and one that is bulleted)  Apply a picture style of your choice to each image in the document  Change the style (SmartArt Style) and color of the SmartArt diagram to something other than the default. The color of the SmartArt diagram should match the color(s) you used on the title page  Citations should be cited either using the latest version of MLA or the latest version of APA. Include a Works Cited (or Bibliography) page that lists your sources. Use the tools on the REFERENCES tab to create, manage, and list your sources. In addition, use the appropriate tool to automatically generate the Works Cited (or Bibliography) page. Do not manually type and format this page.  Run a Spelling & Grammar check to make sure your document is free of spelling and grammatical errors  In the Properties for this document, make sure your full name appears in the Author property (if it does not, change it), and that the title of this paper appears in the Title property Page 3 of 4 Submission Guidelines It is important for students to pay close attention to the submission guidelines in order to receive full credit for this assignment.  Save the file as WordProjectLastNameFirstName.docx (where LastNameFirstName should be replaced with your last and first name)  Close the file after saving it. Otherwise the file will not attach properly to the email message.  Submit the file to Blackboard. Important Notes  Start the assignment well in advance of the due date. Last minute problems on your end will not be an excuse for missing a deadline  Do not use anyone elses work. After we receive all assignments, we will run them through an automated process to check for plagiarism. Any violations or any plagiarism will result in a zero on this assignment and possible further disciplinary action by the College. It is better to miss turning in an assignment (or to turn in an incomplete assignment) and receive a lower grade than to risk going through a Student Conduct review process  Using a Mac version of Microsoft Office is entirely at your own risk. If the Mac version does not allow you to perform certain steps outlined in this document, you will lose points for those steps  Please e-mail your instructors with any questions Rubric Criteria Available Points Title page includes a page border with the text center aligned 4 Contains the students name, title of paper, course, section #, lab instructors name, and date 6 The default font, font-size, and font-color have been modified for text appearing on the title page 6 Title appearing on page two should use the Title Style 4 Students last name and current page # appear in header: right-aligned 4 Title appears in footer: center-aligned and italicized 4 Textual content uses black, Times New Roman, 11 pt font 4 Text is double spaced with a 0.4″ first line indent 4 Top and bottom margins are 1″ and left and right margins are 0.90″ 4 Page 4 of 4 Includes a table presenting arguments relevant to the issue 10 Includes a bulleted list 4 Includes a numbered list 4 Contains a picture that has a picture style applied to it 4 Contains a SmartArt diagram where the style and color have been changed from the default (colors should match title page colors) 8 Contains a Works Cited page correctly formatted in MLA or APA 8 Paper is 4 pages long and addresses the technology related issue 12 Student relates the issue to their everyday life 10 Assignment not covering the instructed topic -100 Total Points 100

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