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Overview: For the first component of your capstone, the IT project proposal, you will develop a comprehensive, professional IT project proposal in which you identify a real-world problem and propose an IT solution. The problem should be significant enough that it has potential for making a difference for the community, for society, or globally. A high-level recommendation for the IT solution is presented. Innovation is key, so strive to create a unique solution or solve a pressing problem. You should envision yourself writing this proposal for key stakeholders, including those who would benefit from the proposed solution. The essence of the problem and technological solution should be clear enough for a development team to complete implementation of the project with minimal guidance. The proposal should exhibit graduate-level writing, using APA style when appropriate. 


You will submit drafts of this component in Modules One and Two. The final component is due in Milestone Three.  


The following sections must be included in your final Capstone Component 1: IT Project Proposal deliverable. However, you are not limited to including only this information: 


1. Problem Statement: Analyze the problem you identified and explain why the problem is significant.  2. Overview of Solution: Provide a clear, high-level description of your proposed solution. The solution should use innovative ideas and apply emerging technologies where appropriate (collaboration tools, social media, cloud-based technology, mobile technology, virtualization, etc.).  3. Methodology:  Describe the operating environment, including any existing technology that is used now. How will the proposed solution replace, enhance, or be integrated with the existing system or environment?   Propose an adoption plan that supports the successful implementation of the technological solution within current processes, architecture, and environment.   Explain the methodology, strategy, or approach you plan to use to develop your proposed solution. Your approach could include agile methodologies, creating prototypes, using traditional project management strategies, and so on. This section should also include frameworks and standards such as NIST, ISO, IEEE, and COBIT, if applicable.   Identify risks that can impact the success of your project and develop appropriate risk mitigation strategies.  4. Tools: Describe the tools and technologies you plan to use to develop your solution, addressing data security, systems, networks, and other IT components in the design. Consider virtualization, cloud technologies, integrated development environments, collaborative tools, project management software, software programming languages, simulation environments, etc.  5. Requirements: Document functional, security, and performance requirements for your project at a high level. In addition, identify gaps between any existing systems and the existing operating environment, and the environment and system that you plan to create. 6. Compliance (if appropriate): Identify any standards, regulations, or laws with which your project must be in compliance. For example, if applicable to your project, consider FERPA, HIPAA, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, etc.  






When deciding on your capstone project, consider these questions: 


 If your project solution is implementable and testable, will you be able to provide the results of the testing and share whether or not your project met your vision?   If your project solution is not immediately implementable and testable, how could you develop a plan for implementation and testing?   Could you provide a detailed timeline for development of the project?   Could you identify the challenges you would anticipate and how might you address them?   What criteria would you use to determine that the project is successful?   Is your project scope appropriate to be completed within the course time frame?


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