Outlining a training program proposal


In this assignment, you will develop a plan for an effective training program that is tailored for the specific needs of newly hired, adult employees. You are encouraged to consider your own current or former workplace as a basis for this training plan.


Develop your plan by addressing each of the requirements in the order presented below.

  • Begin by identifying the type of worksite and whether a safety management system, a behavior-based system approach, or both are used to effectively manage safety performance. Explain why this approach is effective in this worksite environment.
  • Next, clearly define a critical safety-related need that will be met using your training.
  • It is suggested you choose a safety issue that is either most prevalent at the worksite, or one to which all employees are exposed. For example, do not choose forklift operator safety training if there is only one or two people who operate a forklift at the work site.
  • Explain what resources you would use to define this need. Create at least of two learning objectives stating how your training will address the need. Be sure to use the ABCD concept when developing your objectives.
  • Explain how you would design the training to be focused on newly hired, adult participants using activity-based learning concepts. Include at least two activities you would have the participants complete.
  • Identify at least five resources, references, or materials you would use to develop the training materials, and explain how they will support the objectives. At least two of the five resources must be found in the CSU Online Library. These could include technical publications on your topic, scholarly articles, peer-reviewed research, or videos.
  • Outline how your course would be delivered, including what resources would be needed (i.e., educational resources, rooms, projectors, other physical requirements).
  • Describe how you would plan the participants’ time and provide feedback on their actions and responses during the training, ensuring that you have policies in place to maintain control of the training.
  • Prepare a method for evaluating the training; provide at least five example questions that could be used to assess the participants’ retention of knowledge and evaluate the training’s course content and delivery.


Your project must be at least four pages but no more than five pages in length, not counting the title page (if used) or references page. Your project must have in text citations and references formatted in APA Style.

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