Organizational Staffing Team Project

This is a group project. I am to provide estimates of the economic impact of our advice. (1 Page APA and 2 PPT) I attached my teammates’ portion below to perform this portion of the paper.

I am also responsible for creating an Abstract for the team paper. (1 paragraph 200 words)

Below are my team’s responsibilities including mines.

-Provide key information of greatest interest to our client (Overview)
-Describe KSAO’s required for the job postings and how they are consistent with business needs

-Analyze/discuss job-specific labor market conditions and recommend recruiting tactics consistent with those conditions
-Discuss advertisements and postings that will attract a diverse pool of qualified job requirements

-The screening tests developed or chosen that present sound evidence to help forecast future job success. These may include application forms, mental skill test, physical skill test, performance tests, personality tests, etc.
-Describe steps our client must follow in order to implement our hiring advise, use of practical and understandable language. Include a chronological list of steps, advise on how to screen at each test and how to combine information when one or more indicator is used

-Provide estimates of the economic impact of our advice
-Abstract (combination of all of our information to include at the beginning of the paper)

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