open data structures in c please design and implement a variant of arraydeque that d 4947696

Open data Structures in C++ please Design and implement a variant of ArrayDeque that does not doany modular arithmetic at all. Instead, all the data sits in a con-secutive block, in order, inside an array. When the data overrunsthe beginning or the end of this array, a modified rebuild()operation is per- formed. The amortized cost of all operationsshould be the same as in an ArrayDeque.Hint: Getting this to work is really all about how youimplement the rebuild() operation. You would like rebuild() to putthe data structure into a state where the data cannot run offeither end until at least n/2 operations have been performed.Test the performance of your implementation against theArrayDeque. Optimize your implementation (by usingSystem.arraycopy(a,i,b,i,n)) and see if you can get it tooutperform the ArrayDeque implementation. Attached

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