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Note Taking for Cases

Notes are the basis for recording the “who, what, when, where, and how” during the investigation. They serve as tools for recollecting such details as light and weather conditions. Notes also record summaries of the observations of the investigator and provide a platform for writing a form report.

  1. What does DR stand for?
  2. Who takes notes?
  3. What are the basic facts you should document from witnesses and victims?

Your response should be 1 to 2 pages, Times New Roman, 12pt font, double-spaced, and include citations for your references (if applicable).

For citation guidelines, please refer to the table in the APA Style section of the syllabus.





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  1. DR stands for Disaster Recovery.
  2. Notes are normally taken by the investigator.
  3. Both witnesses and victims have their own version of events. It is important to capture such events as fresh and as accurate as possible.

From the witness point of view, the following…………..


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