needs to be in basic pseudocode 2 a company maintains its employee records in a sequ 5152860

Needs to be in basic pseudocode.

2) A company maintains its employee records in a sequential text file named employees.txt. The record for each employee contains the following: ID number, employee’s name, hourly pay, hours worked, benefits contribution, retirement account contribution.

Assume that the following declarations have already been made

num id

string employeeName

num hourlyPay

num hoursWorked

num benefitsContribution

num retirementContribution

num grossPay

num incomeTax

num netPay

Declare any other variables and constants that are needed and write pseudocode so that your program can

a) Read each record in the employees.txt file

b) Calculate the employee’s gross pay, based on their hourly pay and how many hours they worked

c) Calculate the employee’s net pay after deducting the following:

i) the benefits contribution

ii) the retirement account contribution

iii) income tax, based on the following scale:

(1) gross pay of 1,000 or more: 10%

(2) gross pay of 750 or more but less than 1000: 7.5%

(3) gross pay of 500 or more but less than 750: 5%

d) Write the employee data along with the gross pay, benefits and retirement account contributions, income tax (in dollars), and net pay to another file named payroll.txt

Example of what I'm looking for.



num itemPrice

num salespersonCommission

num customerDiscount

output “Welcome to the sales price calculator.”

output “This program will help you calculate the final”,

“price of a product adding in all factors.”

finalPrice= calculatePrice()

output “The total price after Commission, $” salespersonCommission, “and customer discount,”

“ customerDiscount “%, is”, finalPrice


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